Pride and Prejudice Imp. Long Questions and Answers

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Pride and Prejudice Important Essay Questions and Answers
Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

Q. Discuss Significance of the Title of “Pride and Prejudice” briefly.

Significance of the Title ‘Pride and Prejudice’ – The title of any book or piece of literary work usually conveys the idea of the main theme of the work. One can easily understand what the author will dwell upon in the literary work from the title. Jane Austen employs the style of pairing two slightly contrasted “ethical” terms to serve as the title of her novel Pride and Prejudice. For the novel, Jane Austen first selected the title First Impressions. But when she revised it, she gave the current title. This style of “ethical” title was commonly associated with „conduct‟ fiction, the books were designed to illustrate in their stories and commentary the correct way for young women to behave in the situations. They were likely to encounter in polite mi polite middle class society- how a young lady should composed herself at dance how she should deal politely get firmly with a young man who is presenting her, how she should deal who insults her; how she should refuse an offer of marriage how she should behave towards an older woman of superior rank. And these precisely are the situations that Elizabeth Bennet has to cope with and obviously the question of her conduct is on these occasions is paramount in Pride and Prejudice. … (Read More)

Q. Analyse the Character of Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice.

Character Analysis of Elizabeth Bennet – Jane Austen is considered one of England’s most famous novelists. She is mostly famous for her unique style of writing which mix between logical reason and witty passion. And when it comes to her characters, Austen adds a romantic touch by which her dialogues can range from sharp and witty to poetic and emotional. Meanwhile, Austen focuses heavily on the art of conversation and allows it to display the growth and development of the main characters. Austen’s book Pride and Prejudice, which is published in early 1813, is probably the most-read of all her novels and is a popular favorite among many. This novel was originally entitled First Impressions and it deals with the misjudgments that often occur at the beginning of an acquaintance, and how those misjudgments can change as individuals learn more about each other. … (Read More)

Q. Describe the role of Money and Marriage in Pride & Prejudice.

Theme of Money and Marriage in Pride and Prejudice – First published in 1813, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is a favorite of contemporary readers who love its playful dialogue, its sparkling heroine, and its love story. A novel of exquisite design, from its iconic opening to its final marriages, its characters inhabit the small towns and country estates of Regency England. Situated at the cusp of a new, democratic age, Austen’s characters know too well the precariousness of rank, as well as the role of marriage and money in maintaining or advancing it. Marriage is shown to be a high-stakes enterprise, and we see our heroine risk catastrophe to marry a man she could love. It is against this backdrop of a meticulously exposed social reality that the virtues and vices of Austen’s characters are revealed. … (Read More)

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