My Last Duchess and The Last Ride Together Long Questions and Answers

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My Last Duchess and The Last Ride Together Long Questions and Answers
My Last Duchess and The Last Ride by Robert Browning

Q. Critically Analyse the Poem – The Last Ride Together.

“The Last Ride Together” is an unique poem by English poet Robert Browning, first published in his 1855 collection “Men and Women”, his first important work released after his marriage to Elizabeth Barrett. It comprised of fiftyone poems, each by a singular narrator. It is considered one of the most important works of poetry in the Victorian era. “The Last Ride Together” is a ten-stanza poem primarily focused on themes of love and loss. It takes the form of a monologue by a rejected lover reflecting on the end of a love affair. The title represents the last time the former couple takes a carriage ride together. Although the narrator does grieve the end of his romance, he wishes to reflect his appreciation for the time they had together and the love he experienced. The poem has an overall bittersweet tone, balancing sadness and optimism. … (Read More)

Q. Explain the use of Imagery in “My Last Duchess” and “The Last Ride Together”

Robert Browning was a 19th-century poet renowned for his use of dramatic monologues and psychological insight. His poems are still studied and appreciated today for their complexity, lyricism, and engagement with timeless themes. Robert Browning is one of the greatest Victorian poets who employed dramatic monologue as the medium of expression very skillfully and effectively. Therefore, whenever the term ‘dramatic monologue’ is mentioned, the name of Robert Browning immediately comes to our mind. Browning’s style is a pictorial style; it is also rich in the use of imagery, similes, metaphors, etc. His images are usually starting in their originality and daring. Often they are drawn from the grotesque in nature. Nature is constantly used to illustrate the facts of human life. Often the concrete is used to clarify and bring home to the readers the spiritual and the abstract. Imagery is used to make readers perceive things involving their five senses. … (Read More)

Q. Analyse the Poem – My Last Duchess by Robert Browning

The poet’s inspiration for this poem came from the Duke and Duchess Ferarra. The Duchess died under very suspicious circumstances. She was married at fourteen and dead by seventeen. Browning uses these suspicious circumstances as inspiration for a poem that dives deep into the mind of a powerful Duke of Ferarra who wishes to control his wife in every aspect of her life, including her feelings. The poem presents a typical crafty character of the age of Renaissance, in the person of the Duke of Ferrara, who is the speaker of the monologue. He shows a portrait of his previous wife, who is dead, to the messenger of a Count whose daughter he wishes to marry. While commenting on the nature of the Duchess he unconsciously reveals the working of his own mind. … (Read More)

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