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Mricchakatika The Little Clay Cart
Mricchakatika by Shudraka

Q. Analyse the Character of Charudatta.

Charudatta is an impoverished Brahman, who is one of the central characters in Sudraka’s play Mricchakatika. Sudraka presents Charudatta as a noble and sensitive man, of respectable social position. His state of poverty is a result of his charitable nature, which is also shown as a positive trait. The word Charudatta means the one whose manner of giving charity is always beset with nobility. Charudatta is the incarnation of nobility. He bows down before the courtesan’s mother with nobility, welcomes the smallest office of the court with nobility and also offers his necklace to Vasantsena in the place of her stolen ornaments with nobility. … (Read More)

Q. Describe the Society in Mricchakatika.

Society in Mricchakatika is reflected in different aspects, primarily because the play is essentially a Prakarana. In a Prakarana, the story concentrates on experiences of the commonmen. It is a sub-genre of drama which derives its theme fromissues of society and lives of ordinary men. In his play, Mricchakatika, Sudrakashows the troubles, flavours and joys of the people of Ujjain. … (Read More)

Q. Justify the Title “Mricchakatika”.

The title Mricchakatika literally means “The Little Clay Cart”. It has both literal and metaphoric significance in the play. At the same time, the title bears marks of Sudraka’s originality. A detailed study of the play reveals how the title chosen by Sudraka is both interesting and appropriate. … (Read More)

Q. Examine the Character of Vasantasena.

Vasantasena is one of the most prominent characters found in Indian classical drama. Sudraka’s Mrichchakatika is realistic presentation of characters in a unique story of love, loss and desire. The playwright goes beyond the usual conventions followed by traditional Indian dramatists. His originality of vision and capability is seen in his presentation of the central female character Vasantasena. … (Read More)

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