How I Helped My Society During Covid 19- Report Writing

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Steps taken to control the pandemic in my locality :
By T.A,
Kolkata, FEB 16

The covid-19 pandemic has a led to a dramatic loss of human life worldwide and presents an unprecedented challenge to public health and the food systems. The economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic was devastating. Informal economy workers are particularly vulnerable because the majority lacked social protection and access to quality healthcare and had to lose access to productive assets. Without the means to earn an income during lockdowns, many were unable to feed themselves and, their families. For most, no income means on food, or at best food and less nutrition food. The pandemic had affected the entire food system and laid bare its fragility. Border closures, trade restriction and confinement measures had prevented formers from accessing markets, including for buying inputs and selling their products, and agricultural workers from harvesting crops, thus disrupting domestic and international food supply chains and reducing access to healthy, safe and diverse diets. Covid-19 profoundly changed our lives, causing tremendous human suffering and challenging the most basic foundations of societal well-being. Beyond the immediate imparts on health, jobs and incomes, the epidemic increased people’s anxiety and worry, affecting their social relations, their trust in other people and in institution, their personal security and sense of belonging. This pandemic had an adverse affect on people’s lives, education, works and many more. Given the high concentration of population and economic activities, they were researchers were struggling to explore the dynamics of the pandemic in urban areas to understand the impacts on Covid-19 on cities. Covid-19 has affected us all- ourselves, communities and beyond. Since the earliest days of the pandemic, I, one of the residents of Kolkata tried to assess the needs of the people of my locality. During the high rise of the disease when mostly 70% of the population of our locality tested positive, I tried my level best to help the people by providing them food and the essential items they needed. I checked on neighbor and family members, especially those who live alone, elderly people have health or mobility issues just to lower middle class and had lost their jobs due to the pandemic. I gave those families financial support, until their members arranged for some new jobs. At times, I provided support to frontline health work and first responders. Many health workers were not able to stay at home and were working around the clock. So, I took the pending tasks of theirs as an expression of gratitude. I looked into options that provided much-needed supplies to families such as Amazon Wish Lists as well as the work of the local community and work of the local community and volunteer organizations.

I worked hard to arrange beds in the hospitals for those patients who had tested positive with the virus. I provided pulse oximeter so that people could see and check if their oxygen level is normal. I gave respirometer to all the people in my locality, by the help could make their lungs and heart strong to fight with the disease.


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